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Telling Your Story – What is Brand Storytelling?

As we have mentioned in the past, marketing is not what it used to be.  Potential customers don’t just want you to prove why your product or service is superior.  They also want to feel connected. They want to know the people behind the company and understand the...

Social Media Marketing for Your Fitness Business

At MyFitCoach, we spend our days helping others to build their fitness businesses and over the last few years, we have learned a lot about what traits are likely to make your business successful.  Over the next several weeks we will be sharing a series about what we...

Social Media Marketing for Massage Therapists

Social Media Marketing for Massage Therapists If you are like most Massage Therapists, you are well trained to care for your clients, helping them to reach their health and wellness goals.  But your education probably didn’t teach you the skills you need to run a...

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